Stolon Press was started in Sydney in 2019 by Tom Melick and Simryn Gill as a way to publish texts and images that might easily fall through cracks or remain in boxes and bottom drawers. Its growing list of titles follows the paths of friendships and longstanding conversations. Like the plants from which it takes its name, Stolon Press works close to the ground, opportunistic in modest terrain and untended places.

Contributions by Aveek Sen, Diane Fortenberry, Elisa Palacio, Elisa Taber, Eugene Choi, Geddes & Walter, Juan Laxagueborde, Judy Annear, Khaled Sabsabi, Lee Weng Choy, Robert Milne, Ruud Ruttens, Simryn Gill, Tom Melick, Vaughan Wozniak O'Connor, William Eric Brown, Xenia Cherkaev, .

Website by Robert Milne, set in Quadrant by Vincent Chan, Matter of Sorts.

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