Pocket Book
Aveek Sen
Pocket Book
Aveek Sen

Think of your trustiest jacket: how the insides of its pockets feel as you slip your hands into them. And the tote bag that you refuse to throw away, because its worn-out canvas feels just right against the skin of your inner arm as you hold it close to yourself and step out into the world.

Clothes, like architecture, divide our being-in-the-world into a set of primal binaries: yes and no, left and right, back and front, inside and outside. But it is through our puzzlingly gendered bodies that we learn to live with these binaries; just as the experience of breathing in and breathing out, or listening to the beating of our hearts, teaches us subconsciously about repetition, rhythm and time—our first music lessons, as it were. Then, as we get used to dwelling in our bodies, clothes and houses, these kindergarten binaries become more complicated. We learn to distinguish between freedom and constraint, selves and others, private and public. These, in turn, get mixed up with good and bad, right and wrong.

Edited by Tom Melick
Typography by Ruud Ruttens
Printed by Geddes & Walter, Melbourne
December 2020

20 pp., 101.5 × 190.5 mm, softcover
Edition of 300